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the most vain entry in the world. [15 Jun 2006|07:57pm]
This is officially the third best summer in a row:

2004 - The Pursuit of Happiness Road Trip.
2005 - Suburban Paradise with Gabby and George.
2006 - GIRLS GONE WILD in South Philly.

I am completely obsessed with my new roommates. We nicknamed our house "Girls Gone Wild" after the Captain Ahab song that makes boys get sweaty and rip off their shirts in dark basements. The last one of us, Monica, just turned 21 on Wednesday and we went out for Cosmopolitans at the Las Vegas Lounge, dressed up in classy dresses and turning heads. I hung up the plaster cast of Gabby's breast in the living room, and not only does it look hot as a post-modern sculpture piece, but also conveniently serves as our clever secret stash of Trojan Ultra Pleasures (a.k.a. the best condoms ever!!). We read Nerve's THE BIG BANG like a bible. As of now only Monica is actually getting laid regularly thanks to her amazing West Philly Punk Rock Boyfriend, but Kelly and I are still reaping some benefits, such as yummy leftovers from expensive vegan restaurants he takes her to, and Monica's cheerful post-nookie mood.

I converted everyone to Bikram yoga and now every morning we walk to Center City together, with bruises all over our legs from challening poses and god knows what else, but feeling so proud and so fucking hot. "I think yoga is making my posture better!" "I think yoga is making my BO sweeter!" All true. We are gorgeous, legal and outrageously happy young women in the best city in the world! Someone commented that we are like a TV show, and we laughed a lot about that because there are days when we stay home eating dark chocolates, smoking cigarettes and cleaning the house together, and they turn out to be the best days ever, completely TV show worthy, if only for the girly gossip and large amounts of underwear content.

Oh and I won a free bike last week from Bicycling Magazine. It's a beautiful Fuji Charleston Cruiser and ever since then I've been regularly violating the streets and sidewalks of Philadelphia with my wobbly presence. It is so much fun and totally completes my perfect summer persona of a hot bicycling yoga goddess celebrity!!
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[15 Jun 2006|07:43pm]
best compliment ever.

"did you just do yoga?"


"you look hot."

[10 May 2006|12:18pm]
Had my last exam yesterday and went out to celebrate with lovely friends. Billy made asian stir-fry with obscene commentary and we drank the Blue Moon Brew and laughed and made lists of things to do this summer. Ride my bike a lot. Learn to cook tofu. Become good at poker. (Re)Discover my own music collection. Make art! Spend more days in the park. Document everything.

We ate sweet lychee for dessert and quoted made up studies from University of Wisconsin to sound intelligent. Then went to a metal bar and played 80s dance music on the jukebox and everyone hated us. On the way home we found one of those glowing menu display signs with interchangible letters, just lying there on the sidewalk, and carried it over to the car like little ants with a big dead treasure of a bug.

[19 Apr 2006|12:49am]
some thoughts.

davey said this city gets really loud in the summer and now that its warm and i have my window open all day, i know what he means. it's not just the windchimes from the neighbor across the alley. i hear planes, helicopters, traffic, ambulances, trees, birds, people laughing, walking, arguing, opening the door to smoke cigarettes, dogs, bicyclists, parties from around the block. in the park, high school kids play basketball badly, while their younger brothers and sisters bang on railings and slides with sticks to make music. all the stores close early, before it even gets dark, but the yarn place has knitting classes on tuesdays and there's always somewhere to get a drink.

living here has been surreal in a way that defies documentation. if anything, it makes me realize why Jack Kerouac wrote the way he did, and not dislike him as much. countless mad adventures that barely leave enough time to record. in class, i am thinking about the Future, about the way media infiltrates and affects our lives, but i think i'm getting most of my real education on weekends. the way we create and interpret culture is totally different from any other social group i've ever seen or been a part of. i only go to shows of my friends' bands, or other bands on tour i've never heard of, and it's a consistently fun, honest, collective experience. when i went across the country at 19, i was afraid that i would never be able be top that adventure, but i have to say that this year has been as equally if not more awesome in a different way.

i feel lucid and happy, which are qualities of life that can be measured by the reduced amount of times i've thrown up because i had to get excessively wasted to have a good time.

[17 Apr 2006|04:06pm]
After 3.5 months of feeling absolutely un-hirable, I finally have a job! I'm now a barista and a wafflerista at a coffee house in Center City. I get to work with cute boys, eat delicious food for free and drink as much coffee as I want. And I will have money to continue living in this wonderful crazy city.

Things to buy with my first paycheck:

- polaroid film
- more tequila and lime juice for margaritas
- sandals
- light sensors and mini-servos
- mango on a stick from the italian market
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